31 March 2018

LED Matrix Animation Frame

A few years ago I saw a really interesting project on kickstarter by Jeremy Williams called the Game Frame.

It uses a grid of RGB LEDs to display pixel art. I thought it was an awesome idea, and looked beautiful.
I couldn't afford to buy one at the time, but now it might make a nice project to put together my own version.

There were a couple of these LED frames around back then. The 'PIXEL' by Al Linke even had a kit version.
The PIXEL had 32x32 pixels vs the Game Frame's 16x16. But the Game Frame did have a nice wooden case.

From reading the docs for the PIXEL, I found out that 32x32 LED panels are widely available and cheap too.

In fact, from my initial google-ing I also discovered a nice Raspberry Pi library for driving these displays.
It was looking like building my own LED frame would be pretty straightforward...