27 March 2010

It's not even the beginning of the end...

Last year I was working on an N64 portable, but it ended up getting lost a while back.

I've been planning a new one for a long time, and just got a new 64 at the weekend so I started cutting the board down and doing some wiring.

RAM/PIF swapped, RGB modded and cart-slot RCP wired.
I'm quite busy at the moment so won't be doing any more work on it for a quite while. But at least I've got the ball rolling.

20 March 2010

My Darling Dreamcast

♪♫ Two thousand zero zero party over oops.... out of time ♫♪
♪♫ So, to-night I'm gonna party like it's 1999 ♫♪

It's been over ten years since the dreamcast came out, and since I'd recently dug-out my old dc, I thought I'd take a few pics of it to show-off some of my earlier mods.

There she is, in all her beautiful blue glory, a launch-day PAL DC with a two-tone translucent blue shell and a few extra goodies inside.

10 March 2010

PSOne screen led-mod

The PSOne screen is great, a major drawback though, is it's high power consumption. Out of the box, it draws about 750mA at 7.5V, almost all of that is to power the backlight.

In this post I'll describe how I saved power with a custom led backlight.

2 March 2010

How to build a circuit on Veroboard

There are a few ways to build an electronic circuit, one of the easiest is to use Veroboard.
Veroboard or stripboard is a prototyping board for laying out circuits. It has rows of parallel copper strips with holes spaced at 0.1” to accept most through-hole components.

In this post, I'll try to explain how to build a simple circuit on Veroboard.