27 March 2010

It's not even the beginning of the end...

Last year I was working on an N64 portable, but it ended up getting lost a while back.

I've been planning a new one for a long time, and just got a new 64 at the weekend so I started cutting the board down and doing some wiring.

RAM/PIF swapped, RGB modded and cart-slot RCP wired.
I'm quite busy at the moment so won't be doing any more work on it for a quite while. But at least I've got the ball rolling.


  1. Are both of the types of wire you are using here 28AWG IDE cable? The grey ones look a tad thicker than the yellow. I'm just asking because I have wired to the RCP/ PIF chip with 30AWG wrapping wire, but IDE cable would be much more organized.

    Wyatt Smits (Basement_Modder)

  2. I hope that this gets finished, or progress is made, I can't wait to see what you do with this!!!