28 September 2017

SNESPi - 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Mini SNES(s)

Last year I built a mini NES console using a Raspberry Pi, an NFC reader and a 3D-printed case.
An obvious follow-up project would be to make a mini SNES with the Raspberry Pi.

I probably have more childhood fondness for the Super Nintendo than I do the original NES.
Some of my best gaming memories are playing co-op Turtles in Time and Diddy's Kong Quest with my brother.

*Big Apple, 3AM*
I grew-up with the Super Famicom-style European SNES and only learned about the markedly different North American model as an adult much later...

I actually grew to quite like the hideous North American SNES after a while ;)
This fascinated me, there's such a contrast between the two styles. I wanted to make a mini version of both.